The Escape Games Card: Now you can get discount at the best real life room escape games!

Let me introduce you the world’s leading discount card for escape rooms, providing up to 50% discount for selected venues. You can use the discount card to more than 150 companies worldwide, which means more than 350 games in 34 countries to choose from. The card can be used in USA, Canada, Russia, Australia, Romania, Hungary, United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands and 25 more countries. So have a look at the website for the list of Countries and Venues were you can get up to 50% discount.

The main advantage using this card is that the whole team gets a discount and not only the card holder. That way you can get up to 50% off for every team member….. for only 20$ a year. So, imagine using the card for all the venues you wanted to visit with your friends and family for a whole year and decide if the card is for you or not. Since we all know Escape Rooms are addictive, the more games you play within a year the more you’ll appreciate having purchased the discount card.

Check out the Website for more information on how to obtain the escape game card for only 20$ per year and claim a discount for your future visits.

If you want to try out real life escape rooms yourself just get the discount card and they’ll give you up to 50% off at selected venues!

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