To M-Word Web Radio συνάντησε την ομάδα “όχι παίζουμε” στο θέατρο Βυρσοδεψείο και σας παρουσιάζει την παράσταση Mockob Selim του Γ. Βιζυηνού.

Based on a 19th c novel by the famous Greek novelist G. Viziinos, the performance is about a Turkish man, Mockob-Selim, who attempted to change his national and religious identity, in a futile search for approval from his father. His life was an endless crossing of borders in the war-torn Eastern Balkans, in turn driven from and drawn to authoritative figures in his family, the military and society. We see his story through the workings of a mad jester, who manipulates Mockob-Selim’s urge for paternal affection and love, making him the protagonist in a choreographed circus show. Mockob-Selim is a parody of our persistence to satisfy vacant authority symbols. We show man’s tender, martyr-like, paradoxical, comical and animalistic tendency to persist on a futile path, enduring hardship all along the way. We achieve this through Mockob Selim – the overlooked child of Viziinos’ play who will try anything for a little affection and acceptance. He becomes for us a heroic spectacle ravaged by a contemporary jester on the circus stage.

Πέμπτη & Παρασκευή 21.00 στο Βυρσοδεψείο
Κρατήσεις: 210 34 53 203 – 690 8707881